Jawatan Kosong Malaysia Airports Holdings BerhadKerajaan Swasta Terkini Jun 2018

Jawatan Kosong Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

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Jawatan Kosong Terkini Malaysia Airports - Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad merupakan salah satu agensi di bawah Kementerian Dalam Negeri. Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia bertugas memeriksa kewarganegaraan dan membanteras pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI). Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia menyediakan perkhidmatan kepada Warganegara Malaysia, Penduduk Tetap dan Warga Asing yang berkunjung ke Malaysia. Untuk meningkatkan kinerja serta mencapai visi misi nya, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad mebutuhkan sumber daya manusia dengan membuka Jawatan Kosong Terkini untuk bergabung menjadi bagian dari Malaysia Airports melalui Rekrutmen Jobs Terkini Malaysia Airports sebagai berikut :

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad telah berkembang dalam memenuhi cabaran dan tuntutan masyarakat. Dalam usaha meningkatkan kualitas Pelayanan di Malaysia, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad mementingkan tenaga kerja sebagai sebahagian tulang belakang untuk mencapai misi dan visinya. Untuk itu Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad mencari pemuda - pemudi terbaik yang sangat cekap dan bermotivasi diri untuk mengisi Iklan jawatan kosong terkini 2017.

Dalam rangka memperluaskan jaringan jobs jawatan kosong terkini Januari 2017 dan untuk memenuhi keperluan sumber daya manusia Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad di Jawatan Terkini kedudukan: PELUANG KERJAYA JAWATAN KOSONG

Pada hari ini bulan Januari 2017 Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad kembali membuka kesempatan berkarir atau membuka Iklan Jawatan Kosong Terkini Januari 2017 untuk lulusan terbaru dengan kelayakan sebagai berikut :

Jawatan Kosong Terkini Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Peluang Kerja Kosong :

1. Supervisor - Supply Chain (Distribution & Logistic)

  • Lead logistics team for meeting the delivery and receiving time line.
  • Ensure documentation is accurately processed, distributed and released to carrier, forwarders, customer and agents in a timely manner.
  • Managing authority applications through Customs and any other regulatory bodies.
  • Work closely with 3rd party warehouse to ensure all deliveries are delivered as per planned.
  • Communicate with supplier and plan the number of deliveries at location
  • Responsible for solving internal and external logistics issues analyzes failures and implement performance improvement.
  • Prepare, compile and submit monthly performance report.
  • Monitoring of purchase order processing and goods delivery schedule.

  • Recognized Diploma in Business Administration / Logistics
  • Possess good character, analytical, meticulous, process driven, inter personnel skill, strong management and ability to write good report writing.
  • Able to work under minimum supervision.
  • Able to supervise a minimum team of warehouse clerk/assistant.
  • Posses leadership skills with good communication and organizational.
  • Experience in warehousing and logistics environment.
  • Good logistics and warehouse knowledge.

2. Admin / Operations Officer - Customer Experience Management (Contract)

  • To provide customers with up-to-date information and assistance in courteous and pleasant manner.
  • Handle feedback in a profession and tactful manner
  • Ensure that the services provided are exceeding passenger expectation (equip the ambassador with C&C practise and Basic Airport Business Knowldege)
  • Ensure all facilities at Touchpoints area are serviceable and report immediately to the Duty executive on faulty equipment and record details in the logbook
  • To greet and welcome customers at the touchpoints
  • To be mobile within the touchpoints area and actively handle enquiries in directional and basic flight information
  • To be mobile within the touchpoints and guide passengers who are using the self-check in kiosks
  • To assist passengers on lost & found items (seek follow up assistance from info counter team)
  • To be as first responder at touchpoints to attend incident/accident and seek follow up assistance from Duty Executive (e.g. missed flights, delays, minor injuries)
  • To assist in queue management at assigned touchpoints in the airport as and when deemed necessary
  • To assist in various audits such as terminal cleanliness, etc
  • Multitasking of mobile, counter, VIP, PA, Announcer
  • Implementation of standards and regulations eg C&C, IMS, etc

  • Recognised diploma in any disciplin pereferably in Hospitality/ Customer Service/ Mass Comm.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and must be fluent in English and BM
  • Additional language is encouraged : Mandarin, Arabic, Tamil
  • Fit and have good stamina
  • Passionate in the customer service industry
  • Able to work on shift, rotational duty, weekends and Public Holidays
  • Patient, pleasant, friendly, charming and warm
  • Exudes a happy and joyful composition
  • Well-groomed and attractive
  • Adhere to the uniform with no qualms
  • Outspoken and able to approach strangers

3. Executive - Customer Experience Management

  • To monitor the overall Customer Service operations of Main Terminal Building/ Contact Pier/ Satellite at KLIA/klia2 .
  • To coordinate with related agencies/units and ensure smooth flow of passengers.
  • To lead execution of initiatives for Airport Service Quality Survey
  • To manage/coordinate with others agencies for any event/crisis/emergencies.
  • To supervise the performance of Customer Experience Management staffs which are under his/her jurisdictions.
  • To liaise with Airport Operations Control Centre on the overall status of Main Terminal Building/Contact Pier/Satellite at KLIA/klia2 .
  • To compile report on Customer Experience Management operations.
  • To ensure the smooth flow of VVIP/VIP movement, events and site visit by providing assistance whichever necessary.
  • To monitor and manage the performance of the contractors under Customer Experience Management at Main Terminal Building/Contact Pier/Satellite at KLIA/klia2 and ensure the comply as per contract agreement.
  • To handle complaint or feedback in a professional manner.
  • To ensure Customer Experience Management files and documents comply with Integrated Management System requirement.

  • Recognised Degree  in any discipline preferably in Customer Service or Aviation Management.
  • Attentive,enthusiastic, clear communication skills, committed to work and have passion to customer services.
  • To be able to manage and adapt with the market changing needs.

4. Senior Manager - Operations (Airport Operation Control Centre)

  • To ensure AOCC functions in an effective manner as 24 hours reporting, monitoring, coordinating and command centre for KLIA & klia2 operations.
  • The Senior Manager will formulate operational and emergency procedures for the AOCC and coordinate the implementation of the procedures for smooth operations of airports for KLIA; klia2.
  • Manages the unit's administration, ensuring that all administrative processes (data analysis, reporting, procurement, personnel administration, housekeeping and record keeping) are performed according to guidelines, policies and procedures laid down by the company.
  • To ensure AODM to notify MA Sepang and MAHB Management accordingly on any abnormality, incident, accident and crisis at KLIA & klia2 that can interrupt airport operations.
  • To coordinate and advise AODM in handling the incident, accident and crisis at KLIA & klia2 that can interrupt airport operations.
  • To vet the incident report generate by AODM.
  • Endorse and presents AOCC annual budget for management approval and controls expenditures to ensure procurement activities and AOCC programmes are implemented effectively to meet business plan targets.
  • Formulate operational and emergency procedures for the AOCC and coordinate the implementation of the procedures for smooth operations of airports (KLIA & klia2).
  • Study and improve the management of airport operations control centre accordingly to the business demand/requirement.
  • Maintain a good rapport with government agencies to ensure that their operational policies comply with the agreed standards set locally or international.
  • To review and up-date Certification documents (Integrated Management System and Information Security Management System) for AOCC and SOPs including follow up any changes and amendment in SOPs, Quality Manual and forms of Operations Division that related to AOCC KLIA & klia2 and AOCC Management.
  • To ensure no information leakage to unauthorised parties (as person responsible for Daily status report submission) as per ISMS objective.
  • Prepare periodic reports to management on the operational status of the airport and make recommendations for improving effectiveness of services or practice.
  • Represent the department/company in international or local forums and meeting where required.
  • Coach, evaluate and appraise the AOCC staff for optimum performance.
  • Develops key performance indicators of AOCC personnel and evaluates performance management of his personnel.

  • Recognised Degree preferably in Airport Operations Management  with minimum of  10 years relevant working experience in Airport Management.
  • Ability to identify specific strategies that should be deployed at the operations level to ensure effective and efficient implementation of functions.
  • Ability to clearly identify efforts, activities, resources, timelines and outcomes which need to be achieved in order to support the operations in their ability to execute their roles in an effective and efficient manner.

Catatan :
  • Iklan Jobs 2016 Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad Tarikh tutup :  13 Januari 2017

Bagaimana anda berminat dengan jawatan kosong di Imigresen Malaysia ?

Jika anda berminat dengan jawatan kosong terkini Januari 2017 ini yaitu yang memberikan maklumat kepada anda tentang : Iklan Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2016 Malaysia Airports, Silakan hantar Sebarang Lamaran SECARA TALIAN (ONLINE) di laman sesawang PAUTAN dibawah ini:

Pautan : Jawatan Kosong Malaysia Airports

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